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Armani Architects

Armani Architects is young and talented award winning collective of architects and designers network based in Tehran, Iran and currently led by Amir Armani Asl and Kiana Ghader.

Armani Architects was established with the aim of enhancing architecture and human experience by incorporating Iran’s authentic culture into our designs to respond to today’s community challenges. Established in 2018. this office has produced award-winning architectural and interior design projects across Iran and other countries.

Our firm

Our firm was founded on the belief that architecture has the capacity to help shape one’s experience. Our projects, big or small, public or private, high-end or low-income, all engage the public in a meaningful, poetic way and leave a lasting impression.

we do our best to think outside the box to resolve the issue rather than simply proposing a building.  New digital tools, materials research and the way we make things is a core part of our studio. We are fascinated by the way in which architecture is evolving as a result of new digital tools and manufacturing techniques.

Our portfolio

Our portfolio includes integrated architectural services for a full range of residential, commercial, industrial and cultural center projects.

To ensure we don’t contribute to a waste of materials and investment that is no longer sustainable or appropriate in today’s world, we develop strategies that not only anticipate the future, but possible changes to that future as well.

We help people, organizations, and cities design their futures.

Armani Architects is committed to the promotion and practice of sustainable design. Environmental issues like social and ecological sustainability are taken into account right from the start of a project. In addition we are dedicated to making every project both financially and socially feasible, a combination that we call ‘attainable design’.

The firm specializes in collaborating with clients to reach each project’s mission, while remaining within budgetary parameters, and fully understands the need to create viable commercial, residential and mixed-use environments that produce a valued return on investment. Armani Architects believes that each project must be delivered on time, within budget–every time. We look at the full scope of the project from all perspectives: designer, patron, client, & builder. We love to get into the process of how things come together and work directly with fabricators to push the perceived limitations of design.




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