Self-Sufficient Hydro Tower

The project of Self-sufficient Hydro Tower is located in Tehran; the city in view of thirteen million population increase faces the crisis of water lack, air pollution, dust, and climate changes. The purpose and idea of Tower is to use the historical and cultural infrastructure of hydraulic water transmission called subterranean or Qanat water systems, […]

Infiloolion Pavilion

INFILOOLION Culture, Dignity, and techniques are the identifying principles of architecture and urbanism in different nations. While current Iranian architecture and urban environment identity are suffering from various inconveniences, Infiloolion is an effort toward reinterpreting dignity of Iranian architecture using digital design and fabrication techniques to develop a new method of representing Iranian Muqarnas art. […]

Sandy Darak Pavilion

In recent years, there has been a significant shift in construction methods. Many research establishments are investigating the application of 3D printing technology in construction and they have reached spectacular advances in the field. Although these technologies might not be widely available in developing countries, there has been notable enthusiasm among architects and local authorities […]