Energy Pavilion

Energy can be defined and analyzed in different ways. The definitions form various fields especially considering the architecture issues, i. e. addressing clean and renewable energies and sustainable energy and design concepts are among the first issues coming to mind. However, it was tried to define the energy with an abstract view in this project. […]

Siberian Retreat

Our design approach is driven by the pursuit of elegance. Building on traditional forms combined with the dynamic nature of the railway the building forms seeks to express the speed of the train vs the stillness of the stations. Creating a timeless and calm interior which reflects local traditions and values. Our innovative proposal seeks […]

Thermal Springs Guest House

Our design, inspired by the nature and local environment potentials, is a response to the environmental issues. Our creative solution is in line with a trend, in which the architectural design considers the consequences of environment destruction by human beings and seeks a sustainable futuristic solution. Utilizing the new construction methods and digital tools, our […]