Mica Mall Interior Design ,Kish Island

سناریو طراحی این طرح در راستای بهبود فضای بصری و معماری داخلی مجموعه ی تله کابین میکامال کیش ارایه شده است. در این طرح از خطوطی استفاده شده است که حس حرکت، پویایی وایجاد فضاهای نشیمن و مکث را با توجه به نیاز ها و بهبود مسیر های حرکتی ومکث به مخاطبان خود ارایه می […]

Huailai China Wine Cultural Center

PREFACE All museums have a role to play in shaping and creating a sustainable future through our various programs, partnerships and operations Museums give meaning to our past and make it meaningful today – a solid path upon which we can build our future. Our design will build the foundations of a new sustainable development, […]

Villa For a Diver

Our design, inspired by the nature and local environment potentials, is a response to the environmental issues. Our creative solution is in line with a trend, in which the architectural design considers the consequences of environment destruction by human beings and seeks a sustainable futuristic solution.

Sandy Darak Pavilion

In recent years, there has been a significant shift in construction methods. Many research establishments are investigating the application of 3D printing technology in construction and they have reached spectacular advances in the field. Although these technologies might not be widely available in developing countries, there has been notable enthusiasm among architects and local authorities […]